Install GaussView 3.09 in Linux (EasyPeasy 1.0)

EasyPeasy 1.0 is a linux distribution based on Ubuntu 8.10 which is optimized for netbook (i.e. Asus EeePC, Acer aspire one, etc.). This netbook makes me able to deal with some tasks on coding, text-processing, and analyzing calculation results.

When I install the GV3.09-linux, some problems must be solved. That includes: environmental variables, and shared library files. I may not use the most appropriate or the cleverest way, but the steps work.

The following are all under the BASH shell (/bin/bash)
  • Environmental Variaes:
    1. Modify "GV_DIR" in to the directory gv really in.
    2. Execute the shell script,
      • $sh
    3. check those environmental variable by (make sure those variable indeed be set):
      • $echo $GV_DIR
      • $echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
The above dosen't work. I cannot use the shell script to export correct environmental variables. ( i.e., $GV_DIR and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH)

    • Directly append those shell script in to ~/.bashrc
After correctly setting $GV_DIR, $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, Alias 'gv', and Alias 'gview'. GaussView still cannot execute correctly. The reason is the absence of several shared library files.
    • download compat-libstdc++-7.3-2.96.110.i386.rpm (click link to the download page)
    • uncompress '' and move to /usr/lib
    • $sudo ln -s
  2. (Not compatible with
    • download XFree86-libs-4.3.0-35.EL.i386.rpm (click link to the download page)
    • uncompress '' and move to /usr/lib (actually a link file)
    • uncompress '' and move to /usr/lib
    • if '' doesn't work, make soft link
      $sudo ln -s
  3. (just make soft link to*.*.* in /usr/lib)
    • $sudo ln -s

Any comment is welcome. If you have better way to handle this or this recipe cannot solve your problem, plz let me know.

About "Recipes for Blockheads" Series

You now that, we may have head/brain blocked when being highly absorbed in some things.

It always happens when we setting a calculation. And I think I may the most frequently blocked when I preparing an input file. ( Does anybody do the same folly as me? We will be good friends. lol)

Because we always are afraid that a GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) calculation may be run. This series of articles would list those "DEBUGGING" processes. Where "debug" means the way you can find the input file you prepare makes those packages calculate what you want to calculate.

It may be stupid, but it may be done by any Blockhead people (e.g. ME).

Origin of This Blog

Knowing there are lots of people may use the same packages as me. I want to collect those problems in running calculations we may meet frequently.

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